THE FLYING DUTCHMAN art and illustration by Hendrik Gericke



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Hendrik Gericke is a South African artist who makes pictures using a broad and well-defined set of tools. He lives to tell stories through these images and often helps others in telling their own. This has lead him along a winding road of film productions, book illustrations and projects beyond the realm of easy classification.


Having graduated high school, Hendrik embarked on a hunt for professional artistic enlightenment. This journey took him to London and beyond, exploring the rich world of European art and comics before returning home to complete a diploma in animation. Seeing limited opportunities in the ant farm which is the Cape Town animation world, he kept looking ahead, spending time working as a photographic assistant, builder and carpenter before eventually taking the plunge to become a full-time artist.

Getting ahead in the gallery scene was challenging at first, but a few opportunities did eventually present themselves, both exhibiting and working as a narrative illustrator. Initial work was confined to the ink line drawings which set Hendrik's work apart early on, but this soon developed into a far broader tool set with the addition of oil and digital painting skills as well as photography and 3D modelling.


After a prolific period of exhibiting locally, Hendrik has proceeded to show work in New York, Italy, New Zealand and Australia

Always on the look-out for new directions and interesting commissions, the future is a blank canvas, but not for long.


Hendrik currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.  

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